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Happiness comes from the full understanding of your own being.
— Marina Abramović

As a Registered Psychotherapist, I provide counselling and psychotherapy services for individuals (both adults and teenagers) in downtown Toronto. 

In my practice I help clients develop deeper meaning in their lives and a greater sense of their whole being, often using techniques from Gestalt therapy - an existential, experiential, phenomenological approach to human development. Here, clients are supported to become ‘directors’ of their own experience, and to understand how behaviours that were once part of creatively adjusting to past environments may be interfering with their ability to function fully in the present moment. 

I promote self-reliance, self-knowledge, relational awareness, individuation and growth within the support of structured interventions called experiments – therapeutic activities set up by the therapist to increase spontaneity, creativity, response-ability, and awareness of the here-and-now moment. Clients are provided with creative opportunities to try out new behaviours to see what happens, to develop sensory awareness/body awareness and to re-integrate disowned parts of the self; aspects of the personality that have formerly been neglected, forgotten or repressed.